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Vegan Protein: How much do I need, the nature of complete proteins, and a cheat sheet for newbies!

Struggling to get sufficient protein on a plant-based diet? No worries! There's plenty of room for my plant-based peeps on the gain train!

Did you know most individuals (both plant-based and omnivore alike) struggle to consume adequate protein? As a rule of them, I like to see my clients hitting at least .8g of protein per pound of lean muscle mass. For my non-trackers, this translates to about 1-2 palms of your protein source.

Why is protein so important, anyway?

Protein has been studied for decades, and has shown to be a vital macronutrient responsible for building and repairing tissue. Not only does adequate protein consumption help to build muscle and to improve one's body composition (naturally), it can aid in cellular function, and even translate into greater strength gains and performance when coupled with a progressive-overload focused training program.

Studies on protein consumption show that consuming enough protein can improve immune system function, lower blood pressure and cholesterol, and improve recovery during periods of illness or injury.

Naturally, most of us become interested in consuming more protein for its aesthetic benefits as well as the benefits I just listed above. Adequate protein promotes carrying good body composition, all while controlling appetite and glucose regulation.

Plant-based eaters tend to undereat protein moreso than their omnivore counterparts. In most cases, plant-based foods contain mostly carbohydrates and fats, although most contain a little bit of protein as well! That's why it's important to be flexible with your protein targets if you are tracking macros on a vegan diet. Know that you might need a higher carbohydrate target, with a slightly more reasonable protein target.

Need more help! I'm here for you! Feel free to contact me to schedule a coaching call. I work with all types of dieters, including plant-based!

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